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With 30 years experience Ozkoc activates in trailer industry by following the technology, combining the solution and experience which are market focussed with its innovativeness. With the products that can work in hard conditions and easy to carry out maintenance ,Ozkoc aims to be the part of solution by generating solutions for its customers increasing needs . Ozkoc has issued its new designed products with its registered brand TRAX.In the direction of branding OZKOC has comleted the investment of premises and technology and proceeds manufacturing with its new brand TRAX in the new premises that located in industrial area. By minimizing the costs ,performing the safety needs we combined our experiment with techological innovation in our TRAX branded products. The spare parts which can be found easily in global market are used in TRAX brand products.Ozkoc performs ISO 9001:2008 qualit management system and adding the new Brake Cetificates that taken from TÜV SÜD.